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PFG Mortgage Managers

PFG Mortgage Managers originally launched into the mortgage market in 2003 as an established true non-bank lender, offering innovative home and commercial loan products and were one of the first funders to offer the 10 year no repayment product for customers who had at least 50% equity in their residential security properties. In addition PFG Mortgage Managers were one of the first companies to offer capitalization of interest on commercial property loans (up to 12 months)
PFG Mortgage Managers appointed Graham Harlow, a well respected and an industry experienced professional as Director and Western Australian Licensee in October 2006. Graham brings an enormous amount of corporate knowledge, credit skills and business acumen to the business and had 13 years corporate experience as a General Manager with Citibank Limited and a further 3 years as a Senior Manager and CEO of finance broker businesses in Perth. With the inclusion of Graham into the PFG Mortgage Manager business it will enable further product development and business growth and expansion.
PFG Home Loans Pty Ltd is a Mortgage Management company and trades as: PFG Mortgage Managers
Head Office
PFG Mortgage Managers
Level 4 Office 4 / 10 Eastbrook Terrace
East Perth WA 6004
Registered Office
Level 4 Office 4 / 10 Eastbrook Terrace
East Perth WA 6004
Email: admin@pfgmm.com.au
Key Persons
Graham Harlow Sole Director & CEO
Justin Brown Founder & Third-Party Manager
Group Solicitors
Lawton Gillon Barristers and Solicitors
Level 11, 16 St Georges Terrace
Perth WA 6000
Group Accountants
MVP Financial
Level 1, 9 Bowman Street
South Perth WA 6151

For confidential discussion call Alistair McKenzie 0414 698 698 or Sally Young 0423 819 208 or email admin@pfgmm.com.au